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World of Whales
Educational Teaching Kit

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Developing compassion and respect for marine mammals is key to what we do. We believe children play a vital role in the future of these animals.

Because we’re serious about getting the message of animal welfare across, we’ve teamed up with Barbara Todd, to bring the magical world of whales and dolphins to you.

Through the World of Whales educational resource kit, we’ll help you teach kids about these animals and their environment, so they can play a bigger part in the protection of marine mammals in the future.

The kit includes lesson plans on whales and other interactive resources:

Teachers Resource Manual

A wealth of background information about New Zealand’s marine mammals, extensive exploration of each concept chart, ideas for further research and a glossary.

25 blackline master student activity sheets

Worksheets which reinforce and test students understanding of specific concepts.

Over 1,000 diverse and creative learning activities

The activities focus on science but also incorporate interdisciplinary subjects such as math, language, art and social studies.

A1 chart: ‘New Zealand Whales and Dolphins’

A large full colour A1 wall poster which illustrates comparative size, shape, and features of individual species.

A2 Chart: ‘To the depths of the sea’

Illustrates the range of ocean life at different depths and encourages ideas about food chains.

10 concept charts

Illustrate and emphasize specific concepts such as the Paikea legend, feeding techniques, social structures, migration and research. On the reverse of each chart you’ll find an explanation of what is being shown, along with key concepts, key words and 10 suggested learning activities.

About Barbara Todd

The World of Whales Educational Resource Kit has been compiled and written by Barbara Todd, BSc. Barbara worked as an educator for many years before becoming involved in whale research. Since 1980, she has worked as a field researcher on projects studying whales in the Caribbean, United States and New Zealand.

Barbara has initiated and participated in a variety of educational programmes aimed at both adults and children. Barbara’s photographs have appeared in numerous publications and she is the author of fifteen books.

World of Whales Educational Teaching Kit

We’re committed to spreading our animal welfare message to as many people as possible, so are proud to offer this free resource to New Zealand teachers and schools. You’ll just need to cover postage.

Important: This resource is available to teachers and schools only. Suitable for multi-level, grades K-8. A school name and address must be given as a delivery address.