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School & Kindergarten Visits

We have volunteer educators in Central and South Auckland, Wellington and Nelson that can visit your centre, school or classroom.

We believe the more children who know about the amazing marine mammals that are right here by our coastlines, the more they will want to help protect both them and the ocean they call home.

Our visits are engaging, interactive and educational and last around 45 minutes.

We cover a range of topics from helping at whale strandings, looking after our marine environment and whales and dolphins found in New Zealand. Our educators can offer the opportunity for students to engage and get hands on!

There is no fixed charge for these visits but we do ask for a koha to go towards costs.

Meet Our Educators

Pick Your Area

You can contact educators and request a visit here

Central Auckland

Tutor: Amy

South Auckland

Tutor: Nadine


Tutor: Mina


Tutor: Eleanor

Mina teaches us how whales breathe

Eleanor teaches us how whales eat

 Mina shows us how whales move

Eleanor teaches us the  NZSL signs for whale, dolphin & seal!