Whale ID Cards


Updated for 2023, the Marine Mammal ID cards are designed to help identify the most common marine mammals (whales, dolphins and seals) found in the waters around New Zealand.

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New Zealand is a global hotspot for marine mammals due to the large number of different species of dolphins and whales found off our coasts. However, very little is known in general about these animals, many of which are very rare and some of which are found only in New Zealand.

Each species card comes with a visual guide, sighting notes, silhouettes seen from the water and information about the species. Also included at the rear of this guide is information about responsible boat use, what to do if you find a stranded marine mammal, species of interest in New Zealand and who to notify if you spot one.

Updated in 2023, these beautifully produced cards are in a fan-deck format and are printed on RockStock paper,  which is waterproof and produced from ground down waste and stone off-cuts used in the building industry. The cards are recyclable, photo-degradable and compostable.

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