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Help reduce the amount of single use plastic bottles in the environment by purchasing one of our stylish new drink bottles. These 750ml bottles with our unique logo are made from food safe stainless steel, which does not require an inner plastic liner. This ensures that the bottles are chemical and odour free. The stainless steel has an indefinite life span and the lids are full recyclable and BPA free. Please note – lids on drinkbottles may differ from those pictured.

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New Zealanders spent over $60 million on bottled water in 2012. Not only is bottled water 2,000 times the price of regular tap water, but it is also one of the biggest global contributors to environmental damage. Each year we throw away millions of disposable, single use plastic drink bottles. Many of these are not recycled and end up in landfills, taking hundreds of years to decompose. Or worse, they find their way into waterways, seas and oceans, where they pose a very real threat to baleen feeding marine mammals, who may die through ingesting this waste.

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