Scientific Name: Eubalaena australis
Family: Balaenidae
Range: Southern Atlantic, Indian, Pacific
Habitat: Coastal waters especially, but also oceanic
Status: Vulnerable
Population: Fewer than 8000
Diet: Crustaceans and zooplankton
Length: 11-18m, females larger than males
Weight: 55-88 tons



Wide with a distinct notch in the middle, and may be raised high in the air. Narrow tail stock.

Dorsal Fin

Lacks a dorsal fin and other projections on the back.


Broad and black or dark brown.

Head Shape

Broad head has an arched jaw and distinctive growths of rough skin called callosities.


Stocky, most of the body is black or dark brown. Pale regions and some mottling on underside.


Two blowholes. V-shaped blow up to 5m (16ft) high.

Group Size

Usually found singly , in pairs or in threes, with larger groups at good feeding grounds.


Slow swimmers but acrobatic at the surface. Breach, lobtail and flipper-slap. Can be inquisitive. May skim feed at surface, showing baleen. Sometimes “sail” along with flukes extended in the air.