Scientific name: Tursiops truncates
Family: Delphinidae
Range: Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific oceans
Habitat: Coastal to oceanic
Status: Common
Population: In excess of 1 million
Diet: Squid, fish and crustaceans
Length: 2-3.8m
Weight: 150-650kg



This is the tail of the animal. Grey above and below with a notch in the middle, swept back leading edges and fairly straight trailing edges that are curved at the edges

Dorsal Fin

The dorsal fin is a fin located on the back of most marine and freshwater vertebrates. Grey, convex on the leading edge, and strongly concave on the trailing edge.


Grey flippers with curved leading edges and fairly pointed tips

Head Shape

Beak usually grey on the upper side and paler on the lower. Forehead is grey


Dark grey cape extends from shoulders to beyond the dorsal fin, with lighter grey area cross the middle flank and a paler region along the lower flank and underside.

Group Size

Inshore groups of 2-15 individuals, offshore groups commonly average 20 with up to several hundred on occasion.


Commonly bow-ride, wake-ride, breach and lobtail. Inshore animals rarely dive for more than 3-4 minutes, but offshore animals may do so.