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Whales & Dolphins
Protection & Rescue

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Project Jonah exists for one simple reason.

Helping marine mammals.

Our vision is to create a world where these animals are respected & protected.

Project Jonah is made up of everyday Kiwis who have given up their time to volunteer with us. Together we aim to protect & help marine mammals through our rescue, action & protection programs. Whether it is through picking up litter on our beaches or getting hands on in rescuing stranded whales, our voluteers all do their part.


We deliver essential first aid to stranded or injured animals via our nationwide network of trained and passionate Marine Mammal Medics.


Through our public education & awareness campaigns we inform & educate people & encourage them to get involved.


We act as a watchdog to expose marine mammal suffering & help create & enforce laws that will protect these animals.

Together we will take action to protect these animals & the oceans they call home.

Find out how you can help.

Marine Mammal
Medic Courses

Saving whales isn’t as easy as it looks.  Join our network of trained volunteers and become a Marine Mammal Medic today.

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June 7, 2023

Kiwis on Social Media help scientists collect data on southern right whales

Since they were hunted to near extinction, monitoring the recovery of elusive southern right whales has proven difficult. However a recent study published in Ocean…
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May 2, 2023

How will climate change affect the distribution of larger whales

How will climate change affect the distribution of larger whales? Research published in Ecological Indicators has shown that climate change will drive New Zealand’s larger…
April 5, 2023

The Gender of a Killer Whale Calf Can Affect Likelihood of The Mother Reproducing Each Year

A new study published by Current Biology suggests that by caring for their grown sons, female killer whales significantly reduce their chances of having more…

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