The ocean covers most of the planet and is home to 97 percent of life on Earth. It drives and moderates our climate and weather and is the ultimate source of the water we drink and air that we breathe. It’s also home to millions of animals, including the world’s largest and our favourite - the mighty whale. But more than 7 billion tonnes of rubbish makes its way into the ocean each year, making it sick and killing, maiming and injuring wildlife and polluting the ecosystems that we and these animals depend on.

The good news is we can do something about it.

Beach cleanups are a great way to keep coastlines free of debris, raise awareness and empower individuals and communities to take action and support a healthier, more resilient ocean. 

This Gift Giver Card will help us tackle marine debris head on by equipping our Beach Clean-Up Crews with the gear they need. Essential stuff like bio-degradable collection sacks, beach cleanup flags and gloves.  Thank you for helping us keep New Zealand Clean Green. Pure Blue.

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Helping New Zealand stay Clean Green. Pure Blue.

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