Giver Gift Cards

Our Giver Gift Cards are a great way to show you care and are truly gifts that keep on giving. There are three different ways you can give – each represents a key area of our work.

For example, a $20 Gift Card will help us provide free teacher resources to Kiwi schools. We believe kids play a vital role in the protection of marine mammals. Our World of Whales kit will help them learn more about these animals, so that they can play a bigger part in the protection of them in the future. Your donation will help us fund these resources free to schools.

A $50 Gift Card will help us keep New Zealand beaches clean green and pure blue! More than 7 billion tonnes of rubbish makes its way into the ocean each year, killing, maiming and injuring wildlife and polluting the ecosystems these animals depend on. Your donation willl help us tackle marine debris head on by equipping our Beach Clean-Up Crews with the gear they need.  Essential stuff like bio-degradable collection sacks, beach cleanup flags and gloves.

A $105 Gift Card will give someone you love the chance to learn the vital skills of whale rescue. Each year, hundreds of whales strand on our shores. Unfortunately, without some good old Kiwi help in getting back out, these animals will die a painful death on our beaches.  This gift will literally save lives.  Now that's a gift that keeps on giving!

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