The Cove screens in Japan

21 October 2009 

The Cove had its first and only public screening in Japan this morning at the Tokyo International Film Festival.

Risking arrest for charges of conspiracy and trespassing, the Director of the film, Louie Psihoyos, returned to Japan to attend the premier and introduce the film.

"It was important to me to be there to introduce the film, and stand up for my clients: the dolphins and porpoises and whales that have very few human voices to defend them", Psihoyos said.

Amongst the audience were some of the fishermen from Taiji, former Fisheries Official Hideki Moronuki, and Japanese IWC Commissioner Masayuki Komatsu (who once referred to minke whales as "cockroaches of the oceans").

The crowd's reaction was mixed, but one audience member summed it up nicely  "Although it's a difficult issue as it involves fishermen's jobs, it's also difficult to argue that all Japanese traditions have to be maintained. I think if we find something wrong in our tradition, we should correct it."

Meanwhile, back in New Zealand, Tara MacPherson, a Project Jonah supporter, was so inspired by the film that she took direct action through her school and organised a petition.  This has now been passed on to the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs by the New Zealand Ambassador in Tokyo. Click here to read the Ambassador's letter back to the students of Raumati Beach School.  Well done guys!

It just goes to show we can all make a difference if we take action today.

To find out more about what you can do click here.

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