Takeaway, not throwaway


20 May 2011
Sadly, not all cups are created equal, that’s why we’re thrilled to bring you KeepCup, New Zealand’s first barista standard reusable takeaway coffee cup.

KeepCup is the coolest and newest thing for coffee connoisseurs who have a green soul.  The KeepCup is a portable, stylish cup that replicates standard takeaway sizes and fits under the group heads of espresso machines. They’re accepted in all good cafes and what’s more, they keep hot beverages steaming 20-30 minutes longer than their disposable counterparts.
Made from polypropylene, the container is about as green as plastic can be.  The cup is BPA free and non-toxic and at the end of its life it can be recycled; something disposable cups can’t be.
This is news to most people.  Whilst the paper cup may look innocent enough it’s actually cast from bleached virgin paper and coated with a plastic resin called polyethylene, which keeps beverages warm and prevents the paper from absorbing liquids and leaking.
Every paper cup that is manufactured and coated with plastic resin ends up in a landfill.  In New Zealand that's about 100 million cups a year. It take approximately 50 years for these cups to breakdown, and during that process they will release methane, a greenhouse gas with 23 times the heat-trapping power of carbon dioxide.
Cups that don't end up in landfills sadly get blown or washed out to sea.  Tragically, hundreds of whales die each year from swallowing the rubbish that we throw away.
“Our love of great take-away coffee is costing our planet dearly, that’s why we’re promoting and selling KeepCups - cups you can keep and reuse again and again. We’re tired of picking up litter along our coasts and seeing the tragic aftermath – plastic and other rubbish inside the bellies of stranded whales. At some point something needs to change”, says Kimberly Muncaster, Project Jonah CEO.
The bottom line is our 'on-the-go' caffeine addiction had a big impact on the environment. But it doesn’t need to.
“Imagine if all coffee lovers owned their own personal coffee cup, a cup you keep, like a KeepCup. With very little effort, we can all make a big difference.  It really is a no-brainer”, says Kimberly.
Project Jonah KeepCups are available through selected cafes and through our online shop.
To purchase yours today, click here.
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