Praise for Project Jonah’s ‘Shining Compassion’

1 August 2009

Project Jonah has been honoured with Supreme Master Ching Hai’s “Shining World Compassion Award”

In recognition of our efforts to protect marine mammals, this award from an international organisation acknowledges Project Jonah’s passionate and determined work to save lives, educate the public and protect marine mammals.

The Supreme Master Ching Hai applauds Project Jonah, “For selflessly protecting, rescuing and conserving our vast and magical oceans,” and implementing “Creative, practical and educational lifesaving projects.”

Project Jonah CEO Kimberly Muncaster was both honoured and grateful for the award and accompanying donation from the Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association, “Without them, much of our work during 2009 & 2010 would not have been possible,” she said. “Their generosity and kindness has already helped us make an enormous difference and with their continued support we look forward to achieving so much more.”
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