Keisha Castle-Hughes says no to whaling


Keisha Castle-Huges, who as an eleven year old played the lead role in the internationally acclaimed film Whale Rider, has joined forces with the World Society for the Protection of Animals to speak out against whaling.

"I care deeply about whales and I thought the whaling ban would never be overturned, that whales would always be safe from the cruel slaughter that virtually wiped them from the planet last century. But sadly this is no longer true,” says Keisha Castle-Hughes.

On 22 June, the government of New Zealand will meet with governments from around the world at the International Whaling Commission in Portugal to decide the future of the world’s whales. Countries will be considering a proposal which would effectively lift the whaling ban and spell disaster for whales.

The proposal would allow Japan to hunt endangered whales in their coastal waters. Many governments believe that this could act as leverage to control Japan’s so-called ‘scientific’ whaling. Unfortunately, this is not the case. In fact, it could not guarantee a reduction in the number of whales killed by Japan, Norway or Iceland. More worryingly, this proposal would set a dangerous precedent, opening the floodgates for this cruel industry to grow.

"This is totally unacceptable. Whaling is horrendously cruel. The exploding harpoons used to kill whales have changed little since my great-grandparent’s days, which often means a slow and agonising death. Their sheer size means there is simply no way to kill whales humanely and quickly at sea – some suffer from their terrible wounds for over an hour as they struggle desperately to escape," says Keisha.

"I am proud that New Zealand was one of the first countries to speak out against commercial whaling. But our government has yet to publicly come out against this proposal, which would give the green light to this outdated and unspeakably cruel practice,” Keisha continues.

We agree!  Help us speak out against any proposal which would threaten the international whaling ban by signing our petition now.
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