Award winning film comes to NZ

11 July 2009

A powerful documentary that exposes the cruelty behind the captive dolphin industry will screen in New Zealand as part of the International Film Festival.

The Cove, a spectacular film from National Geographic photographer Louie Psihoyos reveals what really goes on behind the capture of dolphins to populate the world's dolphinariums. The grotesque by-product of this already questionable trade is that surplus dolphins are slaughtered and passed off as whale meat in the supermarkets of Japan.

The film has been described as:

“Horrfying and beautiful. A tragic ballet.”
Gore Verbinski, Director, Pirates of the Caribbean (not that we hold that against him)

“One of the most talked-about documentaries at this year’s Sundance Film Festival”
Bilge Ebiri, New York Magazine

This week The Cove won best documentary at the Galway Film Festival after taking out audience awards at Sundance and in Sydney.

The film is trying to do for the dolphin what The Inconvenient Truth did for the planet, and if audience reactions so far are anything to go by, it may well just succeed.

"A lot of people might feel squeamish about this film," Psihoyos says. "This film is the Disney version of what it could have been. I wanted to make a film people could watch."

The guerrilla-style operation the filmmakers launched makes for an exciting, compelling and ultimately very moving watch and it is winning over audiences everywhere.

"Tell your friends to see this movie, the more people, the more popular this movie becomes, the less popular harming dolphins becomes," Psihoyos says. "It's the most powerful movie to help save our cousins out in the sea."

The film will shown in cinemas around New Zealand from 11 July 2009. 

Johnny Andrews, a Project Jonah volunteer, watched the debut screening of the film in New Zealand.  Click here to read his review.

Click here for a list of screenings and booking information.

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