100% Street Appeal

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10 August 2011

Not everyone has 100% street appeal, but on the 31 August we'll be strutting our stuff in our first ever Annual Street Appeal to raise money for whales.

"With events planned in Auckland, Wellington and Tauranga we desperately need volunteers to help us collect," says Kimberly Muncaster, Project Jonah CEO. "Street appeals are a great way to raise money and we need to build up our reserves ahead of the stranding season," she says.

Volunteers are encouraged to register online and on the day front up in wetsuits, flippers, snorkels and masks.  "Costumes aren't compulsory," says Kimberly, "but people give more if you make them laugh. By bringing the ocean to the streets we hope to stand out and get people digging deep for a great cause".

If you have a couple of hours to spare please register to volunteer. Our Annual Street Appeal is a vital part of our fundraising efforts so your role in this year’s appeal will help us respond to stranding emergencies in the year ahead.

All proceeds raised during the appeal will go towards Project Jonah's stranding emergency fund.

A huge thank you to Dulux for providing us with collection buckets free of charge and Dive HQ for providing wetsuits, flippers, snorkels and masks.

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