What our medics have to say


Thom Dodd, Whitianga:
"I just wanted to thank you for the opportunity to train with Project Jonah - the course was so well put together, so information packed and so well presented. The work with the 'whales' on the beach was perfect for giving us a feel for how strenuous and physically demanding a real rescue must be ....Looking forward to being of help if needed, but of course i also hope the whales don't ever strand...nice to be ready in case."

Julian Barnett, Auckland:

"Like most Kiwis I have a great love for the ocean. Learning more about the mammals that we share the ocean with, and understanding what our relationship with them can be, was a fun and rewarding experience. Do it, become a Marine Mammal Medic - if only to be asked by kids, 'what kind of whale are you saving, will it be OK?', and be able to answer, 'it's a rubber whale, I hope so'."

Cameron Sang, Wellington:

“Doing the medic course is a bit like taking out insurance – you hope it’s something you’ll never have to use, but it’s good to know you’ve got it just in case.”

Sam Farmer, Auckland:

''Great course.  Dedicated, knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff who know how to communicate with people as well as care for whales and dolphins."

John Moody, Nelson:

"This is an excellent course, proving just the right blend of theory and practical work. As a result of attending this course I feel that I could be of real value in the event of a whale stranding instead of the liability that I now realise I would probably otherwise have been. Thanks Project Jonah."


Stephanie Byrne, Auckland:

"Well done, it’s a fascinating course and it’s so important to educate people especially in NZ and to have a wealth of trained volunteers available. The course was recommended to me by friends and I have already recommended it to others. Keep up the good work!"


 Rachel Agnew, Whangarei
"When I heard about Project Jonah's whale rescue course, I jumped at the chance to take part. I've always had a life-long love of the ocean and the marine life that lives within it. 

The course itself is well structured; involving presentation, discussion, short videos and hands-on practical experience. We were talked through every step of the way by our instructor, who’s passion for these animals really helped us to engage and learn.

The practical part of the course was especially useful as it highlighted the importance of teamwork and put our newfound skills to the test. It's fantastic to know that, in a corner of the world where trained whale rescuers are needed, there's an organisation dedicated to making it happen."
Vera Huehn, Auckland:

"I learnt about Project Jonah and their medic course through a newspaper ad. I have always been fascinated by marine mammals, especially whales and dolphins which I see often in New Zealand waters. Sadly these animals face an increasing number of threats, so I think it's up to everyone to get involved and help these amazing animals to survive.

Project Jonah plays an active role in marine mammal protection and rescue. I enrolled on their medic course last year and was blown away by the passion and knowlege of the people involved.  I now feel confident that if a stranding happens,  I'll be able to do the right thing and make a positive difference.  In fact, Project Jonah has become a big part of my life as I volunteer for them now too."
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