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Project Jonah is opposed, on both ethical and humane grounds, to the harassment, capture or killing of marine mammals or the infliction of suffering upon them. This includes:
  • The deliberate taking and killing of marine mammals for any commercial, sport, military or ‘scientific’ purposes
  • The use, confinement, exhibition or performance of marine mammals for commercial gain and / or human entertainment
  • The unnecessary suffering or death of marine mammals from man-made activities such as pollution, ship strike or entanglement in fishing nets

Project Jonah is opposed to exhibitions or presentations of marine mammals in zoological collections, marine parks, circuses and travelling menageries. Project Jonah has serious reservations about the educational value of these exhibitions, and therefore does not consider that claims for the ‘educational value’ of these can be justified.

Project Jonah believes that marine mammals should not be kept in captivity unless they form part of a valid welfare and / or conservation programme, the objective of which is the eventual rehabilitation and release of these animals back to the wild, and the rehabilitation of these animals in a semi-natural (wild) environment which meets their physiological and behavioural needs.

Project Jonah believes that wherever they are used in the making of films or television programmes, marine mammals must not be caused any suffering, nor be portrayed in a manner demeaning to their species.

Where the taking and / or keeping of marine mammals is still permitted, Project Jonah believes that this should be strictly limited under licence, and controlled using the highest animal welfare standards.

Project Jonah is absolutely opposed to the taking and killing of marine mammals for purposes not essential to human safety and security or the welfare of the animals.

Project Jonah is opposed to the commercial slaughter of marine mammals for their meat, blubber, fur or skins. It considers it morally indefensible to subject animals to suffering and death, in particular, for fur or skin products, which are non-essential luxury goods.

Project Jonah accepts that some indigenous communities may kill marine mammals for non-commercial reasons, for their meat, blubber, fur or skin, where this is an essential part of survival. Project Jonah advocates that in such cases, every effort be made to kill these animals instantaneously, or render them instantaneously unconscious and insensible to pain until death supervenes.

Project Jonah accepts that the humane destruction of sick, injured or diseased marine mammals is sometimes necessary. Project Jonah therefore advocates that these animals be killed by a method which has been determined to be both painless and effective and which is administered by responsible and properly trained individuals.

Project Jonah is concerned with wider conservation issues and deplores environmental changes induced by human activity that affect the balance of nature. Project Jonah therefore seeks to ensure that the welfare of marine mammals is actively considered in connection with such activities.

Project Jonah recognises that the dealing in, and smuggling of, marine mammals or marine mammal products causes both individual suffering and a direct pressure on species survival and is therefore opposed to any such practice which could pose a threat to the welfare of any marine mammal and consequently the survival of any species.
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