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At Project Jonah we look beyond the conservation of a species to the welfare of individual marine mammals. We believe these animals have a right to live free from suffering, and that as humans we should extend our circle of compassion to them.

Marine mammals face many threats. These include anything from commercial whaling to forced captivity, ship strike and pollution. Whilst many of these problems need long-term solutions, we’re here for the long run and are dedicated to bringing about this change.

We aim to take positive action for marine mammals through:

Animal rescue - by delivering essential first aid to stranded or injured marine mammals. At Project Jonah we constantly strive to advance marine mammal stranding and rescue science and improve our stranding response.

Inspiring action - by promoting public education and awareness campaigns. We aim to inspire, motivate and empower New Zealanders to contribute and take part in making a tangible difference to the lives of marine mammals.

Protection - by acting as a watchdog and encouraging key decision makers, whether it’s governments or industry, to do the right thing. We will continue to expose marine mammal suffering and help create and enforce laws that will protect these animals.

Through our work we aim to:

  • Stop the deliberate harassment, taking and killing of marine mammals for commercial, sport, military or ‘scientific’ purposes
  • Stop the capture, use, confinement, exhibition or performance of marine mammals for commercial gain and / or human entertainment;
  • Promote protection of marine environments to reduce the unnecessary suffering or death of marine mammals from human activities

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