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CDL Insight Consulting are a global company providing professional training and coaching services. In 2015, they stepped up to provide assistance by sponsoring a vehicle for Project Jonah. This allows us to get to strandings, training and community meetings, across the North Island reliably and effectively. And the Ssangyong Rexton is perfect for the job; economical, lots of room, and four wheel drive get us and our equipment to where we need to be.

"Without CDL's invaluable support in having a vehicle available 24/7, there have been times where we might not have got to strandings in time to save lives" says Daren Grover, Project Jonah's General Manager.

And having a branded vehicle, people know when we have arrived on site - it's hard to miss! If you see us around the country, take a photo and post it to our Facebook page ( - and if you or your business is in need of professional training, CDL Insight should be your first place to visit:
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