Scotwork Negotiating Skills

Scotwork Negotiating Skills are the world leader in negotiation skills training but they're also a major contributor to our work. In short they're the tick in our tock.

People may want charities to run with no money taken out for running costs but in reality it's almost impossible to achieve. On average around 10c of every $1 you donate goes to staff wages and salaries in most charities, and much the same again goes on administration costs.

"Project Jonah does fantastic work. We're proud to support them," say Mark Simpson Managing Director of Scotwork Negotiating Skills. "Sadly, organisations don't run themselves. Whilst volunteers can lighten the load you also need paid people in place to get the work done. We're happy to help Project Jonah keep their costs down and when they do need to pay for something we're right there beside them making sure they negotiate the best deal".

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